Vacuum Test System

    Features and Applications

    Our company developed precision vacuum equipment, use precisely processed stainless steel, glass, quartz and other materials, and simultaneously use of leading technical level valves, vacuum gauges, vacuum pumps, aspirant pumps and other components, through superb design and processing technology, Make the equipment has excellent performance, good stability, compact and beautiful, and easy to maintain. It is mainly used for instruments and equipment with high requirements for vacuum indicators, such as: vacuum suction and deflation detection equipment, vacuum sintering equipment, vacuum exhaust equipment, etc.

    Basic Characteristics and General Data

    the system ultimate vacuum to reach the order of 1E-9Pa, the system leakage rate of 1E-7Pa.L/s or less.

    Suggested Activation Conditions

    According to the requirements of ultimate vacuum and leakage rate, it can be baked at 180°C with heating tape for 6-12 hours.


    The baking heating strips cannot be overlapped to avoid local high temperature and shorten the life of the heating belt. To improve uniformity, aluminum foil can be coated. In order to shorten the exhaust time, it is best to fill it with dry nitrogen when it is necessary to expose to the atmosphere. Equipment equipped with an NEG Pump should try to avoid the number of times the getter material is exposed to the atmosphere, and it is best to configure a front valve.