XQP Series Hydrogen Getters

    Features and Applications

    Hydrogen getters is optimized titanium alloy, which could selectively absorb the hydrogen directly in the condition from indoor temperature to 400℃ without thermal activation, and make the hydrogen enter into the interior of metal even the existence of other gases. It has the characteristics of low partial pressure of hydrogen, no water production, no release of organic gases, no particle shedding, and easy assembly. It can be widely used in various sealed devices sensitive to hydrogen, especially gallium arsenide microelectronic devices and optical modules.

    Basic Characteristics and General Data

    Sheet metal, size shape can be customized according to user needs. It can also be deposited in thin film form inside various cover plates or ceramic housings.
    ●Sorption Capacity

    Sorption Speed(100℃,1000Pa)

    ≥0.4   Pa×L/min·cm2

    Sorption Capacity

    ≥10    ml/cm2

    Note: The hydrogen absorption capacity of thin-film products is related to the thickness

    Suggested Activation Conditions

    No activation required


    Avoid scratches on the surface layer during assembly. The hydrogen absorption rate of the product increases with the increase of temperature, but the maximum working temperature should not exceed 400 °C. After the operating temperature exceeds 350 °C, the hydrogen absorption capacity will be significantly reduced. When the hydrogen absorption exceeds the certain hydrogen absorption capacity, the surface will be deformed