Nanjing Huadong Electronics Vacuum Material Co., Ltd (here in after referred as the company) is a professional company specialized in producing and developing getters. Established on the basis of sets of technologies and equipments introduced from SAES Getters, the company produces evaporable getters, non-evaporable getters, sintered porous and chemical absorption getters, ect. Moreover, it also can design and manufacture tailor-made getter pumps(NEG pumps), gas purifiers, alkali metal dipensers and thin film getters according to customers requirements.Winning lots of prizes as “ Good Quality Products Award” issued by Ministry of Electronics Industry, “Excellent Product Award” and “National Quality Golden Medal” issued by State Economic and Trade Commission many times, the company is working long-term on the development and matching of getter materials for national hi-tech electronic products. As the leader in the getter field of China, the company presides over stipulations and revises the national standards of getters many times.

The company relies on technical progress to keep up constant product upgrading, passed ISO9002 Quality System Certification in 1993, ISO9001 in 1997 and ISO14001 in 2001. Cooperated with SAES Getters from 2006-2010, it became a joint venture as Nanjing SAES Huadong Vacuum Material Co.,Ltd. Since then, the company has been upgraded and improved in an overall manner from techniques, management to product quality so as to ensure more excellent product and service for customers.

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Technology and Development

In 1982: Introduced Black and White Picture Tubes and Straight Tube Fluorescent Lamps technology from Saes.

In 1987: Research and development of Getters Strip for The Vacuum Interrupters.

In 1993: Research and development of Getters for Stainless Steel Insulation Container.

In 1995: Research and development of Getters for Monochrome Display Tube and Color Picture Tube which could applied in domestic products.

In 1996: Research and development of Getters for Solar Collector Pipes, Vacuum Fluorescent Displays, and Infrared Detection Modules.

In 1997: Research and development of Double-Sided Getters Strip for HID lamps

In 1998: Research and development of Autonomous Activating & Long-Life Getters for military application.

In 1999: Research and development of Getters could resistant to high temperatures used for stainless steel insulation containers.

In 2000: Research and development of Disc-Shaped Non-Evaporable Getters for HID lamps

In 2002: Research and development of Small Specular Evaporable Getters for HID lamps

In 2003: Research and development of Getters for flat tubes

In 2005: Research and development of Mercury Dispenser Getters for CCFL

In 2006: Cooperated with SAES to establish Nanjing Saes Huadong Vacuum Material Co., Ltd

In 2007: Research and development of high-firmness Getter components

In 2010: Research and development of Getter Pumps Subassembly.

In 2013:Developed Getters for Vacuum Insulation Panel.

In 2014:Developed Multi-model Getters for Vacuum Insulation Panel

In 2015: Research and development of Getter Pumps.

In 2016: The Sintered Getters for infrared devices" was successfully developed.

In 2017: The Printing Getter Film was successfully developed.

In 2018: Successfully developed coating reinforced sintered getters for infrared devices.

In 2019: Successfully development of coating sintered getters with base and heater.

In 2020: Successfully development of sputtering getter films.

In 2021: Successfully improved miniaturized getters of high-intensity for infrared devices.

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